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 Getting Started as a MatLinks Developer
=>  How do I submit my toolbox for inclusion?

If you're already a MatLinks administrator, you should import your toolbox source into the CVS repository, or upload your release to the MatLinks FTP site.

Otherwise, if you're a first-time contributor, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to SourceForge and become a new user.
  2. If you don't have SSH/SCP (secure socket handler/secure copy protocol), install that first.
  3. Use SCP (secure copy protocol) as follows (all on one command line)...


    scp -v -pw password toolbox

    ...where userid and password are your SourceForge username and password, and toolbox is the filename or filenames of the toolbox archive(s) you wish to contribute. (For DOS/Windows, type pscp instead of scp.) You can optionally omit the -pw password option, if you'd prefer to type it in manually after logging in.

  4. Send an email to MatLinks letting us know you've uploaded your toolbox.

Alternatively, you can email us to let us know where we can download your toolbox from the web or via FTP.

=>  OK, now I'm in SourceForge. What next?

Because SourceForge hosts so many cutting-edge source code development projects (several of them devoted to the major GNU/Linux distributions, actually), the folks here are pretty intent on keeping a tight noose on password access. For this reason you need to become a member of SourceForge before you can join up as an active member of the MatLinks developers team. SourceForge is just as intent on privacy, so there's no need to be concerned about joining up with them.

Once you've become a SourceForge member, you'll have access to the message post, bug tracking, patch manager and all the other MatLinks development tools. You'll also have access to the thousands of other ground-breaking projects there. A good place to start browsing SourceForge would be at the MatLinks home page.



Developers' FAQ Getting Started Developer Tools GNU Octave

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