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27 oct 2000

There's now a painless Windows 95/98/2k/ME/NT installation of GNU Octave available at MatLinks. Kudos to Tom Weichmann for getting the initial legwork done!

If you can't access this page try downloading from MatLinks directly (sans instructions).

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10 july 2000

The MatLinks ToolChest was released today in its first non-beta incarnation! The code is now "stable" (bug fixes are still being accepted). This version includes the following toolboxes:

  • chorale - general/low-level functions to complement Matlab
  • matnmr, nmrlab - nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
  • stixbox - statistics toolbox
  • wafo - wave analysis for fatigue and oceanography
  • wavelab - wavelet laboratory

05 june 2000

The Chorus Toolbox is in its first incarnation as a simple zip file in the MatLinks download area. Several authors of more substantial, prominent, and stable Matlab toolboxes have already been approached regarding collaboration. If you'd like to help, contact us.

You can also download Chorus via HTTP, or anonymous FTP at


Please report any bugs and fixes to Julian.

The SourceForge project area is still being initialised. Please check back later this week for a comprehensive task list.



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13 august 2000

Help us to Fight For a Software Patent-Free Europe.

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10 july 2000

MatLinks' SourceForge CVS is up! The MatLinks ToolChest, totally re-vamped release is now available for open source development. The FAQ has been updated with new CVS instructions.

More good news: The ToolChest is now 100% Matlab/Simulink, and Chorus is 100% GNU GPL.


20 june 2000

MatLinks has learned that some users were unable to upload their toolboxes due to permission restrictions at the FTP upload site. Please see new SCP instructions in the FAQ section below.


14 june 2000

Two new toolboxes were added to Chorus, and the websites were updated. New releases are available at the MatLinks/SourceForge download area.


09 june 2000

MatLinks will soon have a post at, the technical computing portal.

The MatLinks web sites are under development, courtesy of friendly SourceForge volunteers Leanne and Matthew. Stay tuned for a new look, AND interactive voting on your favourite toolboxes! Hoorah!

Two new toolboxes were added to the MatLinks ToolChest.


07 june 2000

Check out the other GNU Octave-related SourceForge sites! Wow!

The GNU Octave (Script) Repository

GnatLab, a Matlab-like LAPACK interface


05 june 2000 is up and running! Special thanks to SourceForge for hosting our development site! There's still lots of work to be done on the website, particularly in the way of Perl/CGI scripting. See the task list for details.

MatLinks has been registered with RealNames, the site has been submitted to all the major search engines, MatLinks is now also a prominent member of the Matlab WebRing.

Members of both GNU Octave and The Mathworks have been approached for collaboration and cross-linking opportunities. The moderator at GNU Octave has expressed genuine interest, while The Mathworks is still deciding where, if anywhere, MatLinks fits into their scheme of things.



NewsFlash! Developers Join MatLinks! GNU Octave

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